Friday, October 22, 2010

WORLD SERIES in Texas baby.

There are snowballs in hell tonight.

My Texas Ranger finally did it. I am so happy for them. They have played so hard all year. Here's to you Nolan.

I think there is a party in Heaven tonight as well. My Mom is definately the loudest & right beside her are Johnny Oates & Mark Holtz. Hello Win Column takes on a whole new meaning.
I am beside myself. This is so exciting. Year after year I stand by the Rangers...hoping...but hey...maybe next year...well, next year got here. I must say that I really with all my heart hope they win the series, but you know...they got there...I will be happy & that monkey is off their backs.

I think if there truly is a team in every sense of the word, it is this years Rangers. They have handled themselves so honorably. First & foremost by celebrating with Josh Hamilton...he is the MVP after all & because of his recovery, they celebrated with Ginger Ale instead of champagne. Good for you boys....

They did it Mommy...I wish I were celebrating with you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How 'bout those Texas Rangers

Anyone who knows me know I am a huge baseball fan. Everyone who knows me know that I am a Texas Ranger fan. A true one. They are my home team & thru the 38 years of the team being the Rangers I stood pat. I never had grand thoughts of World Series wins....I always hoped...but come on...Once July got here & they weren't even a 500 team your biggest hope was that they would not be in 4th place in the Western Division yet again. But things were what they were...they were still my home team.
The most exciting thing to happen was the arrival of Nolan Ryan. But hey...he was still a legend. Nolan Ryan had never won a series...maybe he could do it with the Rangers. That never happened...but it was still the big time EVERY single time he pitched, I have fond memories of a lot of them, including one summer day in 1990...I had taken my car to the dealer for some reason & was sitting there & the Ranger game was was early in the game so I started watching the TV. So I watched a while waiting for them to call my name..they finally did & I drove home. I listened to the game on the radio & they started talking about how there had not been a hit. I was so excited. Got home, turned on the TV & started watching. Mommy & Larry were already watching & we started talking no hitters.
In the 7th inning, no one was sitting near him or even looking at is superstition at its finest..With every single pitch, we held our breath...the end of that game was so incredible....he has an infectious smile. That was #6...six no hitters...unheard of.
There were many memorable games & some you really wanted to just pretend never happened.
We had an old stadium, but it was ours...never any thought about it.
I went to so many games I couldn't even count.
May 1, 1991. Arlington Stadium...Nolan Ryan is pitching tonight. Get the score card out of the book & get ready for the game.
About the 4th inning the talk in the stands began...could he do it again? Will he? It was an exciting game...I put down the score card in about the 6th inning...I think we stood the whole rest of the game.
In the end, we beat the Blue Jays 5-0. Ryan walked 2 & struck out 16....
So we pass through many years...many at the bottom of the heap but a few very exciting years too.
I have been gone from Dallas for 10 years now. But I have never swayed on my or lose they are my team.
This season, the Rangers had great pitching & great hitting. They were the first team to clinch their division & they have home field advantage. Game 1 of the ALDS ...won. Game 2....won again...they could could happen. Games 3 & 4...yea....not so good. Game are very cautious not to jinx anything. They could really do it. They pulled it off. Finally after 38 years in Texas they won a post season series. They advance to the American League Championship series.
The ALCS begins on Friday. A bit unfortunate, they play the hated & dreaded Yankees. I have faith though. It could happen...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friends, Road Trip & the Baseball Hall of Fame

I love spending time with my friends. I miss my hubby when I do, but being with just the girls for a few days is refreshing.
Kathy & I have been talking about going to Cooperstown seriously for about 3 years. Someday we will go. Well, finally Sunday that happened. I got up on a Sunday morning at 3:30am to get ready for the drive up to New York.  She got to my house at 4:30 & we were off. I did not sleep well Saturday night because I was haveing "visions of all stars dance in my head" OK, not exactly but I was so excited. It isn't a really long drive...4 hours no stops..Yea, right...we are women...there were stops..LOL
We just talked, time just moved on by. We were almost to Albany & I got a text..."text me when you get to Albany" I had no idea whos phone number it was...but it HAD to have been I texted back...we're in Albany....the phone rang & was my old friend Katy. She was only an hour & a half away from Cooperstown so she was driving up.
We got into Cooperstown at the HoF at 9:20am. Got princess parking & could hardly contain  myself. As I got out of the car I felt my eyes watering... I am standing on the same steps that baseball's greats have stood. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson & the man, The Ryan Express with his unbreakable 7 No Hitters.... & 5,714 strikeouts. I mean Randy Johnson was the closest & he was more than 1000 under him. He was inducted into the HoF in 1999 his first year of eligibility with 491 of 497 votes...With just those 2 records, what idiot would not vote him in, or what 6 idiots?
The actual museum was smaller than I thought, the exhibits are changed through the years but the stuff that matters are always there. There are a couple of "dedicated" rooms...the Babe, Hammerin' Hank Aaron, the incomperable Jackie Robinson. There is a wall of "No, No's..with a game ball & a photo of every pitcher who pitched a No Hitter or Perfect game...I found Kenny Rogers, & next to that was a display of Nolan Ryan, with the 7 hats & balls of his amazing career.
When you walk in & pay, as you turn the corner, it is a darkened room but straight ahead was a statue...the man was young, but I knew immediatly it was Buck O'Neil. Not only a baseball player in the negro leages, but an exceptional man. I had the pleasure of meeting him on more than one occasion & I was in awe. He had an infections smile & heart of gold, He loved & respected the game. I knew it would happen, I got more tears in my eyes.
It took us about 3 hours to tour the second & third floor...saving the Hall of placques for last. We went to eat at a place down the street...the wait staff wore t-shirts & on the back it said "a drinking town with a baseball problem" Cute.
Katy got there & then the 3 of us went back through the top 2 floors then on to the about sacred ground...I felt like I should drop to my knees & pray to the baseball God's. I looked at every single placque. Finally got to 1974, there in a corner on top was Mickey Mantle...WOW...he touched that placque..he was greatness. As I walked, I came to 1998...Nolan Ryan. I had to have my picture taken near that.
Well, we had to leave sometime. We went to the Motel...a really cute place called the Lake View Motel. Big room very clean...we just talked for a few hours, catching up...then I was out...of course the first one to fall a sleep. Woke to the voices of baseball told us to go find a scrapbook store...which we promptly did...a hundred miles away....LOL
It was a great trip overall...I am glad I went & I got to share it with my friends Kathy & Katy. Thanks Ladies.