Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where Do I get these Ideas?

Why is the bigger question.

Last year, January, a light bulb went off that should have quickly burnt out. I was buying a couple of big snowmen on an after Christmas sale & I thought, OMG she will be 50 next year. I can hold these, collect 48 more gifts & surprise her. She would love it. Well, knowing you have like nearly a year and a half you slack. Buy something silly here & there but never really do anything. Well, then October rolls around & I go on vacation taking the 11 gifts I had collected in those 10 months with me since I was going home to Dallas anyway. I still have 7 months...were good.
Well, the holidays rolled around, bought a few more gifts. January...OMG, I will be having surgery next month and will be down 5 weeks...but I should be able to make some gifts....WRONG, then finally mid March rolls around when I begin to be able to move around...How many gifts at this point you ask? 17...Oh yea, now we must kick it into super fast NASCAR gear.
Well, I am done with 28, but I am in progress of 9 more, all around my kitchen table, & the scrap room. Yes, only 2 months to go & I am really needing to get off this computer & get to work,
But first I thought I would show a few of the things I am doing...Thank you for the ideas Pintrest.

This first one is just something to put on a shelf. Her name is Karen & favorite color is Pink.
BLOOM...she loves her garden & plants & this should be perfect for her patio.
Oh. I forgot to add the green pipe cleaner...another thing to do today. LOL

I got her this Vera Bradley bag...It is Pink & on sale.

I found this snowman at a Church during one of those sales they have sometimes. I love it...from the 60's.
He is so cute.

So, you get the idea, some made some bought. Some not at all expensive, a few goofy things...I bought 50 1963 pennies from I have to figure out how to display them. Maybe I will just get one of those penny books & alter it.

OK, off to make more gifts.