Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where Do I get these Ideas?

Why is the bigger question.

Last year, January, a light bulb went off that should have quickly burnt out. I was buying a couple of big snowmen on an after Christmas sale & I thought, OMG she will be 50 next year. I can hold these, collect 48 more gifts & surprise her. She would love it. Well, knowing you have like nearly a year and a half you slack. Buy something silly here & there but never really do anything. Well, then October rolls around & I go on vacation taking the 11 gifts I had collected in those 10 months with me since I was going home to Dallas anyway. I still have 7 months...were good.
Well, the holidays rolled around, bought a few more gifts. January...OMG, I will be having surgery next month and will be down 5 weeks...but I should be able to make some gifts....WRONG, then finally mid March rolls around when I begin to be able to move around...How many gifts at this point you ask? 17...Oh yea, now we must kick it into super fast NASCAR gear.
Well, I am done with 28, but I am in progress of 9 more, all around my kitchen table, & the scrap room. Yes, only 2 months to go & I am really needing to get off this computer & get to work,
But first I thought I would show a few of the things I am doing...Thank you for the ideas Pintrest.

This first one is just something to put on a shelf. Her name is Karen & favorite color is Pink.
BLOOM...she loves her garden & plants & this should be perfect for her patio.
Oh. I forgot to add the green pipe cleaner...another thing to do today. LOL

I got her this Vera Bradley bag...It is Pink & on sale.

I found this snowman at a Church during one of those sales they have sometimes. I love it...from the 60's.
He is so cute.

So, you get the idea, some made some bought. Some not at all expensive, a few goofy things...I bought 50 1963 pennies from I have to figure out how to display them. Maybe I will just get one of those penny books & alter it.

OK, off to make more gifts.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A New Me

Well, after four times being turned down since 1986, I was finally approved for a breast reduction. 
This journey began in September at a regular Doctor appointment. I asked them about it and got an appointment within a month. It took no time before they approved me. I was just about the happiest ever. And a bit overwhelmed. I mean surgery at 27 is one thing. But at 51 it is entirely different. 
I managed to keep my excitement to a minimum because having a major surgery would worry that bunch. 
This took place last Tuesday so I have had just over a week of recovery. What a difference 5 hours made. It has been up & down, not much sleep but I figure another week & I can get out and start a new beginning of comfort. 
This will lead me to the weight loss I have been craving. My stationary bike is patiently waiting. 
My sweet husband has been a little overwhelmed at times but has shined in taking care of me. 

I just have to say I wholeheartedly recommend this if you have ever thought about it. Pain is hard. Laying around for two weeks is even harder....but so worth it. Going to have to find those before shots to go with some new after ones. 

Live life to it's fullest. You only have one. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday Daddy

Well, I planned & waited for 3 months & it finally got here. My Daddy's 70th birthday. Hard to believe, they were always so young. I hope I get to plan an 80th. But before I get too far, here are some pics.
We almost got it all covered, left out the brother part. My Aunt s, Annie, Frances & Patricia were there & to my surprise (and Daddy's) so were the Uncle Ruben's...both of them. Made me really happy, first that they came to be with Daddy, second that they took days off. My Grandma of course wouldn't miss it.
The Hernandez Clan
Of course there were great photo ops...Two, 5 generation shots...
This Grandma, Daddy, Sister Karen, her Daughter Kristina & her kids Austin & Justina.

Here is Grandma & Daddy with my brother Bubba, his Daughter Erika & her son Hayden (along with another on the way.
What a legacy...& this isn't even a drop in the bucket. A few more photos to share:

I really wish I knew the story with this, but it is cute none the less. This is my great nephew Devin. He is 2 & is really good at it...LOL
Well, it was a really long & exhausting weekend but we pulled it off & made Daddy happy. That was the goal.
I love you Daddy & hope there are many many more to come. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, January 1st. WOW, seems like 2012 flew by at warp speed. Some good, some not so good & some just plain bad. Here's hoping to a great year.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wedding Continued.....

The happy couple

OMG, yes I finally used something from Pinterest...I saw this & immediatly knew I wanted to use the idea. This is their Mom's holding the frame.
And one more from Pinterest.

Well, the reception was fun, BBQ from Coulter's...was catered in & of course there was country music for dancing. Chris put on his cowboy hat & Susan donned the boots. I just love her.

Next up was just a sort of low key Snnday at my Dad's for lunch. My brother Mario was there & I finally got to present him with his birthday gift...a scrapbook. But not just any is his life so far...he turned 40. I think he liked it.

Monday, we went to see both of my brothers where they work. I got to see a few folks there at Marr Bros. They have always been a great group of people there. We went to eat lunch at a place called Chunky's (I think...could've been Hunkey's LOL) They have great burgers.
Don't they look like they are just so happy to be there???That is Mario on the left & Bubba on the right...yes, being a hillbilly from Texas I have a brother called Bubba...after calling him that for 47 years I am not about to change now.

Well, it has been 3 weeks since my return, I am sure we did something else but I sure can't remember.

Tuesday took us to Austin...home of the Texas State Capitol. Kathy wanted to see it since she was a visitor to our great state, my sister Karen had never been there (not real sure why & there should be a law against that) and we kidnapped my new nephew Ricck (correct spelling). Me, I love it there.

 It isn't a small place by any means. Not like the "shack on the hill" here in Mass. Went to the University of Texas campus & to see the stadium. Took a small walk down Sixth St & shopped a little. Was a full day but fun. Oh...cannot forget George...I got to see his portrait...which I love.


 I will get my thoughts together & come back.
Have a good one.

Texas, Our Texas...

All hail our mighty state.

Well after litterally months of planning, we finally made it. Sept. 22. Arrived at DFW, got the rental car & headed straight to Whataburger...OMG it was delicious...especially at midnight & not having had any food since 3.
This trip I took Kathy with me. She had never been to Texas & I was proud to show her the Great State...well a tiny part of it anyway. I mean we only had 2 weeks there...not even enough time to scratch the surface.

The first day began by getting up early heading to Daddy & Kay's for breakfast. She made us biscuits with gravy, bacon & eggs..yum.
Then we headed out to shop since I needed a pair of shoes. Went to Town East has changed a bit in 10 years. Oh..of course there was El Chico...had to eat mouth was in heaven. Kathy liked it too.
On our way to Old City Park which is now called Dallas Heritage Park. My BFF is getting married in a few hours so we needed to spend time there. Well, there was a small detail she left out when telling me where the ceremony was going to take place...OUTSIDE...I mean really, was 92 Texas...again...really? I was in hell...but I smiled & hugged her lots. She was beautiful.
Her Dad passed a couple of years ago but they have a bench with his name on it at the park so she sat there. He was a great person & was sorely missed.
Her BIL Michael stepped in to walk her down the "aisle". Like his outfit? The guys wore the camo vest over the white shirts & jeans...I mean it is Dallas afterall.
Yes, the Brady (I man Sawyers/Davis bunch) was waiting for her. Chris face lit up. He is great to & for her. Those are his 4 boys & her 2 girls.
Ah yes...the Kiss. I am so happy for her.

I guess you can only put so much in here....continued on next post.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday my friend Kathy & I went to a new scrapbook store in Whitman, MA. It was fun.
They had a Grand Opening weekend drawing & everyone who made and brought an altered clothespin was entered for a $50 GC. Here was my entry
I used Snow writer for the body of the clothespin then sprinkled with glitter & used Black stickles for the buttons & face. I cut the tiny (& I mean tiny) nose & cut the hat out of black glitter paper. He was cute but the store kept it.
I bought a few things I hadn't seen before:
I know blurry but it is a really cute little kit. It doesn't come with this stuff it is just the door itself & you put it together & decorate it how you want. I will post a picture when I do mine. It is called Haunted Door Shrine Kit by Coffee Break Designs & it can be found here:
Bought a cool stamp. Her name is Spykee
Another really cool lace stamp by Stampendous
Just went shopping & then back home. All in all a fun day.

Next birthday celebration, the Boston Area Scrap Fanatics Concord Retreat, then vacation time....

Have a great September.