Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday Daddy

Well, I planned & waited for 3 months & it finally got here. My Daddy's 70th birthday. Hard to believe, they were always so young. I hope I get to plan an 80th. But before I get too far, here are some pics.
We almost got it all covered, left out the brother part. My Aunt s, Annie, Frances & Patricia were there & to my surprise (and Daddy's) so were the Uncle Ruben's...both of them. Made me really happy, first that they came to be with Daddy, second that they took days off. My Grandma of course wouldn't miss it.
The Hernandez Clan
Of course there were great photo ops...Two, 5 generation shots...
This Grandma, Daddy, Sister Karen, her Daughter Kristina & her kids Austin & Justina.

Here is Grandma & Daddy with my brother Bubba, his Daughter Erika & her son Hayden (along with another on the way.
What a legacy...& this isn't even a drop in the bucket. A few more photos to share:

I really wish I knew the story with this, but it is cute none the less. This is my great nephew Devin. He is 2 & is really good at it...LOL
Well, it was a really long & exhausting weekend but we pulled it off & made Daddy happy. That was the goal.
I love you Daddy & hope there are many many more to come. 

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  1. What a wonderful family you have. All those generations together smiling and having a great time. I hope many more for your dad too. Thanks for sharing your memories :)