Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wedding Continued.....

The happy couple

OMG, yes I finally used something from Pinterest...I saw this & immediatly knew I wanted to use the idea. This is their Mom's holding the frame.
And one more from Pinterest.

Well, the reception was fun, BBQ from Coulter's...was catered in & of course there was country music for dancing. Chris put on his cowboy hat & Susan donned the boots. I just love her.

Next up was just a sort of low key Snnday at my Dad's for lunch. My brother Mario was there & I finally got to present him with his birthday gift...a scrapbook. But not just any is his life so far...he turned 40. I think he liked it.

Monday, we went to see both of my brothers where they work. I got to see a few folks there at Marr Bros. They have always been a great group of people there. We went to eat lunch at a place called Chunky's (I think...could've been Hunkey's LOL) They have great burgers.
Don't they look like they are just so happy to be there???That is Mario on the left & Bubba on the right...yes, being a hillbilly from Texas I have a brother called Bubba...after calling him that for 47 years I am not about to change now.

Well, it has been 3 weeks since my return, I am sure we did something else but I sure can't remember.

Tuesday took us to Austin...home of the Texas State Capitol. Kathy wanted to see it since she was a visitor to our great state, my sister Karen had never been there (not real sure why & there should be a law against that) and we kidnapped my new nephew Ricck (correct spelling). Me, I love it there.

 It isn't a small place by any means. Not like the "shack on the hill" here in Mass. Went to the University of Texas campus & to see the stadium. Took a small walk down Sixth St & shopped a little. Was a full day but fun. Oh...cannot forget George...I got to see his portrait...which I love.


 I will get my thoughts together & come back.
Have a good one.

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