Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 2010

WOW....where did the year go. Since I turned 40 it seems the years go by faster & faster. Heck, this is when the years should go slower. LOL
I haven't been here in a while, I  think about it all the time just lazy I guess.

Christmas Tree went up in November before I went on my trip to Dallas, I had a great vacation. Got to see my family old friends, re kindled an old friendship & met a new one.
My Grandmother was so happy to see me. I just love and adore her, always have. She is so sweet. She is aging now, getting shorter but she still looks wonderful.

These were taken at her house on Dec. 2. I got to see her several times. Isn't she sweet. I was her first. Mommy used to tell me Grandma was at the hospital with her & Daddy when I was born. Grandma told me this one day while we were talking about birthdays.

This is all for now. My fingers are cold. It is in the low 20's & the rest of me is warm, I just meed to get my hands covered.

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