Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have been looking through some photos wondering what to scrap. I just cannot believe the amount of photos I have. I just think I will share some with you.
This is my Grandpa Doughty. Picture was taken in his home office sometime in the 50's. He had all sorts on things going on from this office.

Grandpa Doughty again. Photo taken in June 1983. I just adored him. He was a character. He would do things like play a record & record the date on a note card he kept inside the record sleeve. Everytime..LOL
He had a great Train set he used to have set up in his living room. I remember when I was in Junior high & High school, I would want to talk to him about my history homework. He knew things...he was very intelligent. He was seriously opinionated. I loved that about him. He spoke his mind & you never really knew what was going to come out of his mouth.

I know this is a bit dark. Hopefully you can see it. This is my Mom when she was 14, in 1958...WOW. I love the very basic composition of this photo. The background is awesome.  Oh & she pretty much never changed, she was only 5 ft, & never weighed more than 115 (even when she was pregnant) She was tiny. I miss her so much. They say it gets easier. So far I am not seeing that.
March 1955. My Mom & her brother Earl. She was 11 here. I look at this photo & see myself. I have never really thought I took after her as much as my Dad, but this is pretty awesome.

Anyway. I think I found what I want to work on so I will go do that. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Hi Frances!! Awesome, awesome pictures. I love going back and looking at family photo's so much fun!!