Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snowmen!! In July?

Well, not the real ones. I have been workng on a project that will become part of a gift for my sister. Next June she will be 50. I am going to make it fun. She loves snowmen so I figure I will help out her addiction.
This was my first. It was inspired by Tim Holtz. It isn't as elaborate, but I like him.

Some are better than others but they work. There really isn't anything that means something for her, they are just different. Oh, I forgot to mention...I am making 50 of them. I will put them in a book for her to have.

I hope you like them.

1 comment:

  1. Frances!! What a fabulous idea. I love snowmen and each and every tag is spectacular!! I love the cowboy snowman and the 4th of July one!! Fantastic job on each an everyone!! I can't wait to see the others you make.

    I am sure your sister will love them!!