Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Wish & other stuff...

I really wish things came easy to me. Like this blog for instance. You would think it would be simple to add a LO for the page. I mean there are directions, right? Ok, so half directions. I see a lot of others have highly sophisticated blogs, but mine is pretty pitiful. I have blinkies I would like to add from the two fabulous Kit Clubs I belong to, but blinkies.
At some point, I hope to have followers. I would like to join in on blog hops...I really need to figure this out. LOL
Youtube...what a racket...but a good one. They have EVERYTHING would think I could follow it.

I am a really big Baseball fan. I love the Texas Rangers. Why you might ask? Well, they are the home team. While you really wish & hope they will win something other than a regular season game, it isn't really a disappointment when they don't. Yankee fans expect wins like it is their birthright. Ranger fans (real ones) just keep hoping.
I aso love NASCAR. Will Dale Jr. ever win again? He is a good driver, I mean he did learn from the best.

Well, A really big day is coming up in 12 days. My birthday. I love my birthdays, it is my time to celebrate me. I am not sure how much celebrating I will do this year..or from now on for that matter...I will be 49. Yes, it is just a number & I don't think I really feel 49...but it is a BIG number. I have had all in all a pretty good & eventful life. A happy life for the most part. I guess time will tell.

Well I will go for now. Hope it is a great day for all.

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