Saturday, February 4, 2012

November/December 2011

Going to finish up the last of the year so I can get moving.

November was a very different month. Housni went on vacation for 4 weeks & I am left here. BUT, instead of focusing on the fact that he is gone & I miss him...I focus on the fact that "HE IS GONE" Whew....alone what I want, when I want time. Oh, I do still miss him, but after almost 10 years, it's OK.

I did my normal everyday things, but I moved furniture, scrapped nearly everyday, & actually went out with friends not feeling guilty that it was my only time to spend with the hubby.

Had my long lost dear friend Katy over for a long weekend. Started when she arrived around 8 Thursday night, I made us some pasta, we ate then headed to MGH, took my friend Kathy some pasta, then it was off to the midnight show of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.

OK, so we were by far the oldest in the crowd...but we had a great time. Katy Lou however had to drive from New York...took her about 6 hours so she was a bit on the tired side & napped during the provided more entertainment for Kathy & myself.
After the movie we went outside (pretty cold night) to wait for a cannot park in downtown Boston.
Taxi never got there..we were pretty much the only people on tht part of Tremont St at almost 3am...but we are pretty close to the Theater we are standing there police cars, and ambulances are wailing down the street.   Finally a taxi.
Get home and in bed at around 4:30. We have another busy day ahead of us that begins at about 6:30.
I get up take a shower, cook breakfast while the others are showering & getting ready. We ate & headed out the door at 8:30 on our way to see Yup, Breaking Dawn...LOL. We needed to process it.
Saw the movie, went to eat lunch at Buffalo Wing Stop whatever it's called. It was good. Then we took a little shopping trip. Went to Topsfield to Absolutely Everything. Then headed up to Manchester, NH to go to Hobby Lobby. I so love that store. Then we went to the Land's End outlet store. Then to eat at oh I forgot the name of the place but it was good & headed home. Boy were we tired.
Sunday morning we had breakfast & Kathy got here early & we headed out to the Museum of Science. The Pompeii exhibit is there.

 It turned out to be pretty great. By late afternoon we were exhausted. Headed home for dinner & crashed early. I took the day off on Monday, we made bbq briskit in the crock pot. We then scrapped all day...was really fun.
I went to work on Tuesday but Katy stayed & scrapped...she left Wednesday morning.
I made a few more shopping trips during the month, but pretty much stayed close to home.

It's December, year flew by. Housni came home on the 5th & it was back to reality. His schedule changed & it was pretty traumatic to both of us, but we have to have jobs so we get over it.
Christmas came & went without fanfair. I spent the day alone as Housni was sleeping, but I spoke to my family on the phone.
Now ready for the new year.

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