Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nieces & Nephews

I do not have any kids of my own so my nieces & nephews are the next best thing. I don't think it is possible to love them more if they were my own. Plus, they go away..LOL

I have 5 nieces & nephews, they have provided me 7 great nieces & nephews. WOW. I just thought I would share my little pieces of happiness.
This is Hailee & Devin. Could you just eat them up. How beautiful is this shot. My niece Kristina took this of 2 of her brothers kids. Just melts my heart.

This is Kevin with his oldest son Kevin Jr. (the above 2 belong to him as well) Little Kevin is such a beautiful soul. I miss them lots.
Here is sweet little Hayden. OMG he is so adorable. He belongs to Erika & Russell
These 2 terrors...I mean cuties belong to my sweet Kristina & Shane

Joey, little Joey. Erica's brother. He is all grown up now...
What a handsome boy. He is in colege now playing Soccer. He will go far.

The Smiths...wait, how did Karen get in here? Well, it is because of her I have most of this beautiful family to call mine.


  1. awww Thanks for sharing all your pieces of happiness, what a beautiful family, your blessed :)

  2. Awesome pictures Frances!! Such a beautiful family!! That first picture is just priceless!!!